Blogmas Day 13: Done with Fast Fashion

Today, I was supposed to have this nice, pretty, and glamorous post about Holiday Party Outfits. Clearly, that did not happen and that is because of me, Forever 21 and the wrong address. This might be a long post FYI.

My old address was still connected to my Forever 21 account, but it definitely wasn’t set as the default. Once, I realized that the package was going to be delivered to my old address, it had already begun shipping. I quickly called my old apartment building at their leasing office and attempted to intercept the package. The person I got in touch with yesterday said that they would happily intercept it and I could pick it up the next day. I call today to make sure my package is there and ready to pick up and get a different person and a different story. Turns out the person living in my old apartment had already signed for the pickup and hasn’t tried to return it to the front desk or anything.

After that nonsense, I attempted to reach out to customer service which includes a ton of phone numbers on their site. Surprise, I get put on hold and decided to leave an email instead. I don’t really expect to hear anything back, but I’m holding out hope! I know that this is partially my fault and I say my fault because I’ve had plenty of packages delivered to my current address from Forever 21 up until now. Somehow my default address got changed, but I should have really paid attention to all of my details when I was ordering. Oh, and guess what was in the package, holiday party clothing for Blogmas and for a party I’m going to on Saturday!

So that’s my story…pretty sad huh? This was the absolute last straw I’ve had with fast fashion. I know it took some time, but I am officially done. In most of the fashion stores I’ve still been shopping at, I get attitude from the employees and let’s be real….horrible quality clothing.

With all of that being said, I am going to be shopping at slow fashion stores, both online and in stores. It will be more expensive, but it will be completely worth it. The quality of the clothing will most likely be better and last years longer than any fast fashion clothing. I’ve been attempting to make this transition for about a year now, but always got stuck on the price of better quality clothing. I’m not saying I’ll be dropping hundreds of dollars on one item, but I will be paying quite a bit more than I was before. In the long run, it is worth it as well as much more sustainable.


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In fact, today I waltzed (because I’m always waltzing) into Madewell and walked out with a 100% merino wool sweater – only $50 with their 25% sale going on. The employees were polite and helpful and the quality of the clothing is stunning. For once, I have no regrets about my purchase and didn’t feel like I was settling. I will be returning back to Madewell to get a couple of other pieces for the coming New Year.

I’m so sorry if this was so long, but I really wanted my Holiday Outfit post to be up this week and it didn’t work out at all. I hope this was a good read too. Thanks for reading!