Blogmas Day 10: Blogging Burnout

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I’ve pretty much neglected my Blogmas list, partially because I am away from home and also because I’ve got a little blogging burnout. I’m pretty sure high school was the last time I had a set routine of anything. College didn’t really count because every day was a different class and those classes lasted only ten weeks.

Today, I’m just going to blog how I normally would instead of following a list. Sometimes you just have to break the rules right?


So, I did some more shopping! This time I actually went to buy some Christmas gifts. I waltz back into Lush and got a few bath bombs and bubble bars as well as tooth powder for myself. Then I went to Urban Outfitters to see if they had the brand Herbivore Botanicals. I’ve been researching their products all week and finally gave into trying something of theirs. They didn’t have the Lapis oil I wanted, but they did have a facial toner and the Pink Clay Bar. Soon the Lapis oil will be mine. I also went into Paper Source and purchased some stocking stuffers for my mom.

This is really the only time of the year that I go shopping because it seems like all of the stores have the best items in, the prices are pretty decent, and everything comes in a set. I think I’m one of the rare people who like both giving and receiving gifts. I love to see the reaction on the person’s face when you give them a really good gift.

That’s it for today you guys. I apologize for the lackluster post, but I didn’t want to completely neglect Blogmas. I hope you all still enjoyed!



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