Blogmas Day 8: Winter Skincare Essentials

Welcome to Day 8 of Blogmas!! I apologize for posting so late today, but I got caught up in filming and editing a video ALL day. Feel free to check that video out on my channel tomorrow morning on my YouTube channel ChelsiKay.

Today I’m going to be talking about my winter skincare essentials. It’s gotten pretty cold out there and it’s only going to get colder. This means that our skin will most likely be parched due to the dry air. Here are some of the skincare essentials that I use to get my face through the rough winter.


First off, I apologize for how pitiful this bottle looks. I tend to use this product quite a bit, especially during the really dry days. One thing I’ve learned about the facial skin is that you shouldn’t strip any of your natural oils no matter what skin type you have. This Mario Badescu cleanser is extremely gentle yet effective. I like to use this in the morning to get any dirt that may have gotten on my face from the night.


Believe it or not, the sun still shines on you even when it’s cold and gloomy. In fact, the sun has the ability to penetrate through the clouds. Sunscreen all day, every day is just a good idea!


Duh! Of course you need a moisturizer, especially if you’re dealing with dull dry skin. Since I have combo/oily skin, I don’t need to go too heavy. I like gel based moisturizers, but I also like them to be water based for maximum hydration.


So, I am a huge fan of oil cleansing! I know I said I have combo/oily skin, but my skin happens to adore the oils and tends to be less oily when I use them. I like to combine grape seed oil, olive oil, tamanu oil, and seaberry (sea buckthorn oil.) Tamanu oil and Seaberry oil are specialty oils that are pretty freakin’ amazing for your skin. You only need to add a little bit to the carrier oils for the benefits to work. Oh and oil cleansing is great for taking off your makeup!

This was such a difficult post to write about because I have been completely obsessed with skincare and I had to figure out which products were the best for this post. Those are my winter skincare essentials! Now if only I can figure out how to keep my hands and lips hydrated and moisturized! That is it for today, until tomorrow.