Blogmas Day 7: Lush Haul!!

Alright, alright, alright!  Today was one of the days I’ve been waiting to blog about! I went to the mall and cleaned up at Lush, Gap, and Sephora! I know not everybody is a big Lush fan, but believe it or not there is something for everyone there.

So, I had a list and I ALMOST stuck to it until one of the employees helped tricked me into buying a bunch of extra things I certainly did not need, but glad I purchased. Alright here it goes, because I can go on and on about this pleasant experience. Also, Hairspray Live is about to air and I’m ecstatic about it!


Ok, so I’m starting with this teeny cute sample that I got that is not at all Christmas present related. I’ve never used vanishing cream before, so I decided to ask for a sample. Apparently, it’s great for combination oily skin and great for the harsh winter months. I cannot wait to use it.


Ahh, a repurchase that’s actually affordable. At $28 Imperialis is my third jar so far and I always find myself going back to this moisturizer. If the Vanishing Cream doesn’t work out, then at least I’ll always have one of my holy grails to fall back on!


This is my first time purchasing Buffy. I’ve heard so many great things about this butter bar that you can apparently use in the shower. I’m honestly not even sure how that works, but I’m psyched to try it out. I’m probably going to buy another one to give as a gift for a friend.


I apologize for not getting a better picture of this soap. According to the salesperson, the Figs & Leaves nourishes and exfoliates sensitive/irritated skin. Last night, I broke out into an itch fit which I’m sure has a lot to do with the dry colder weather. I’m very eager to try this soap out for the upcoming months.


Ok finally moving onto actual gifts. I can’t say who I’m giving this to because they more than likely read my blog. This one is called the Experimenter. Not too scented, but definitely makes up in the color department for an amazing looking bath.


The Magic of Christmas – isn’t it beautiful? This is a great stocking stuffer for…well anyone. The scent is fairly light, but smells exactly like Christmas! Oh and that’s an actual cinnamon stick. I recommend everyone get their hands on one of these bath wands and give them to a fellow friend or even keep it!

I’m most likely going to go back and get some more bath bombs because they’re so damn fun, pretty, and smell awesome. What your favorite bath bomb or Lush product? Tune in tomorrow for more Blogmas!