Blogmas Day 2: Winter Fashion Essentials

Today I stepped outside in some sneakers and quickly realized that it was extremely chilly. While I love the cool weather, I definitely wasn’t ready for straight up cold weather. I ran back upstairs and changed into my Uggs and a bigger jacket. I guess it really is time to pull out those winter essentials so I don’t end up freezing my ass off! Here are some of my cold weather necessities that I can’t survive winter without.

Who can’t live without a cozy scarf? I know that I can’t. I most definitely prefer a cashmere scarf any and everyday. Cashmere is probably the warmest knit out there, but if you’re not about that life there are plenty of warm scarves that get the job done. fullsizerender-8

Oh I just love socks. I like socks in any season since I’m a boot and sneaker girl. I’ve got this obsession with thick thigh high and over the knee socks – they’re just warm and happen to be sexy at the same time. These will almost always be on my Christmas wish list! fullsizerender-9

Leggings – fleece lined leggings that is. Thick warm leggings are a great staple for the winter. I get mine from American Apparel and you only really need 1 or 2 pairs that will last you years. I’m going on year 4 of my Winter Leggings that I got from American Apparel, hence why they look a little dingy…


This was a no brainer, but a really thick sweater that pretty much makes you sweat indoors. I own two extremely thick sweaters that keep me warm in the cold. I’m talking 7 degree cold weather while waiting for your very late train to arrive at 7 in the morning.


A leather jacket will get you through a lot believe it or not. Pair this with a sweater and you’ll be just fine. I know not everybody is about that animal skin life, but I gotta say faux leather personally doesn’t cut it for me. You gotta do you though.  I plan on having this jacket for the next 15 years (or more) because it isn’t going ANYWHERE!


Okay for kicks and giggles I just added these next two piece mainly because they’re super stylish to me.

A fur vest is just so chic and can upgrade any outfit and keep you pretty warm. Don’t worry this vest is faux fur because I’d still be paying off a real fur vest. Let’s just say I cleaned up at C. Wonder before it closed two years ago.


I just purchased these babies yesterday. I absolutely hate heels most of the time. I tried these on at Forever 21  and they instantly made my outfit look 10x more fabulous. The heel isn’t ridiculously high and the fabric is velvet – sexy right? I am absolutely in love!


Those are my essentials for the winter…for every winter actually! Thanks for reading and check out Day 3 of Blogmas tomorrow!