Cold Weather Lookbook

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I’m not sure why I’m posting so late today, I guess I Just really got used to blogging around this time due to Blogmas.

Today I wanted to talk a little bit more about slow fashion since I am pretty much obsessed. I filmed a cold weather lookbook earlier today and noticed how many quality clothes that I actually have already. Most were gifts, but some were items that I purchased myself years ago. They happen to be garments that I often gravitate towards especially during the colder days.

If I got rid of the majority of my fast fashion items today, I think that my wardrobe would be just fine. There would be many repeat items, but I tend to do that anyway. I do reach for certain fast fashion pieces sometimes, but that’s very few items…at least in the winter.

I’ve never actually posted a video on here before from my YouTube…so today will be the first time. I filmed the video a little differently than my other lookbooks as well as other YouTuber’s lookbooks. I just went with it. The video is even slightly out of focus, but I actually really like the look of that. Anywho, I’m posting the video and ending this random blog post now.

I hope you enjoyed reading AND watching!


ChelsiKay’s Slow Fashion Challenge

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I’ve never been one to make New Year’s Resolutions simply because I’m not really a believer in waiting for a specific day to start a new goal. I’d rather make little goals as I go along through the year – it’s easier and doesn’t require nearly as much discipline. Anyway, this post isn’t even about resolutions…well not really.

As stated before, I’m slowly transitioning into wearing slow fashion clothing. I was telling a friend about my “sort of resolutions” for the New Year after she shared hers with me. She couldn’t wrap her brain around the thought of NOT buying fast fashion. We’ve all been there, right?


Madewell Merino Wool Sweater


So, I created a slow fashion challenge for myself. I’m not sure if this is already a thing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was. Below are some of the rules and exclusions that I came up with.

For the whole year of 2017:

  1. I will be only be purchasing slow fashion clothing and accessories.
  2. I can ONLY purchase fast fashion for special events (i.e. costume parties, themed parties, etc.)
  3. The only fast fashion/discount store I can shop at is Target

I know you’re thinking ‘why is Target excluded?’ I still have some items from Target that I purchased when I was in high school and they’re still hanging on with no sign of rips or shrinkage. Of course, there are probably some items that do shrink and don’t last so I’ll try to be as mindful as possible if and when I do shop at Target. I also think that it is important to have some sort of a loophole when it comes to taking on a new project or hobby of some sort. Don’t worry, though, I won’t be shopping JUST at Target because that would completely defeat the purpose of my challenge.


Madewell Merino Wool Sweater-Jacket (Christmas Present)

Also, because of this challenge, I probably won’t be shopping nearly as much which in the long run is a good thing. I’ll have better quality clothing and possibly more money to spend (or save) on other purchases.

If you’re interested, join me on this challenge! I don’t plan on dropping racks, but I do plan on spending a little more and being much more mindful of my purchases. So please do join…if you’re interested that is. Thanks for reading!




Blogmas Day 25: What I Got For Christmas

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Oh, I know it’s another late post for Blogmas, but it is Christmas after all. I go into super-family mode on Christmas Day, so it was pretty much written for me to be posting super late today. Family first!

I thought, since it is Christmas, I’ll share some gifts that I got. I’m not sharing in a braggy way; in fact, it’s really no different from a haul right? I don’t really know, but I still want to share anyway!

First up is this Somme Institute travel/try-me kit. My mom has been hounding me to try this line of skincare for the longest. She finally just gave this to me as a gift. I used it about ten minutes ago and I like the way it feels on my skin, so fingers crossed that it’s a good line.



Second, I combined two gifts into one – these gorgeous rose gold sunglasses and this pretty tie up choker. Can’t go wrong with accessories!


I finally got my hands on these Clean Rollerball perfumes! They smell so…clean! Also, these Laura Mercier mini lotions smell and feel amazing! For once, I can actually moisturize my hands and they stay that way!


Ugg Earmuffs! I pretty much love anything Ugg – boots, scarves, earmuffs, and gloves. They make some of the best winter wear in the market.


When I opened this gift, I wasn’t so sure I would like it that much. I once had a different Parisian book that came off as being snobby. Like many things in life, I give them a chance and I ended up reading about a quarter way through. So far, I love it and it actually doesn’t come off as being snobby.


Those are just a few of the things I got for Christmas. All of the other things will most likely be featured in another blog post as well as better photographed.

This blog post was definitely a bittersweet post because this was the last day of Blogmas. I had a great time writing for Blogmas and am so proud of myself for staying consistent. Although I didn’t post at the same time every day, I’m still so glad I managed to get anything up some days. Thanks everyone for reading and of course I’ll be posting regularly on here twice a week. I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas Day and enjoyed time with their family!


Blogmas Day 24: Christmas Traditions

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I know, I know, it’s really late and almost Christmas. This post probably won’t even be read until tomorrow afternoon, but that’s just fine. I just wanted to quickly share my Christmas traditions that my family and I participate in every year and you’ll know why I’m posting as late as I am.

Every year my family and I open one present around midnight…actually close to midnight. Someone usually gets tired way before 12 am and wants to just open their one gift at that time. This year the sleepy person happened to be me. I knew that I had to get a blog post up too, so I was very adamant about getting our Christmas tradition done.

I apologize for these not so great pictures in advance, the lighting was just so wonky but I still wanted to share with you all!

Another tradition that my family and I partake in is, eating crab legs and potato salad for Christmas dinner. Most families usually eat pretty much what they ate on Thanksgiving, but apparently if you’re from the west coast then you probably indulge in seafood. I love this tradition so much because I adore seafood so much!

The last tradition that we have kind of gotten away from was, watching A Christmas Story in its entirety on Christmas Day. I mean they play it ALL day on TNT so there’s no way that you can even miss it. My family gets grumpy when I want to watch the whole thing now, so I try to catch at least part of it.

Those are all my Christmas traditions that my family and I do. We’re definitely really into Christmas and I wouldn’t have that any other way. Thanks for reading as always!


Blogmas Day 23: Last Minute Gift Ideas

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So if you’re here, either you really like my blog or you’re looking for a good last minute gift to give. You’re probably looking for something that doesn’t scream “I so got this right before I got here, which is why I’m late!” So, I’m going to be sharing some of my last minute gift ideas for my Blogmas post today!

#1 when in doubt DIY!

As you know, I’m a huge DIYer and am ready to DIY in a heartbeat. Not only do these gifts scream thoughtful, they also show how creative you are. You can make jewelry, body scrubs, facial masks, lotion or even spiced rum. There’s a ton of DIY’s out there (even on this blog) that you can get into that are also super easy!


#2 Candles

Okay, so maybe you’re not a DIYer or don’t have too much time to get into all of that. Candles are really great gifts to give and they will most likely be used…especially if they smell like food. Personally, I would go beyond a candle and get an oil diffuser. I recently purchased one for myself because I just couldn’t resist. Voluspa has alcoholic scents that are just amazing.

#3 Lush

You just can’t go wrong with Lush! I don’t know too many people who don’t like bath bombs. If they don’t like bath bombs for some odd reason, then go for a massage bar or a bubble bar. If you don’t live near a Lush, go to your nearest organic grocery store (Whole Foods, Moms, Trader Joe’s etc.) and peruse through the soap section. They always have some sort of bath salts and amazing scented soaps to create a nice gift bag or box.

#4 Winter Outerwear Accessories

Scarves, gloves, earmuffs, and socks are great last minute gifts. Nobody will be mad at you for grabbing any one of these things or all of these things. This is also great for the fellas when you just don’t know what to get your beaux. Now, you can find these outerwear accessories at drugstores and grocery stores if you’re in a rush.

#5 Alcohol

I feel like this one didn’t really need to be said. A nice bottle of wine or liquor is a nice gift, however, it does come off as being pretty last minute. This probably isn’t the best if you’re good friends with someone and you’re having a special gift exchange at dinner.

#6 Gift Card

While this gift definitely exclaims “LAST MINUTE,” it’s still one of the best gifts to give in my opinion. I promise nobody is going to complain about getting basically free money. One year, I put a Panera and Starbucks gift card inside of a really pretty card and gave that to someone I didn’t know too well. Turns out, they loved going to those places during their breaks between classes.


Sometimes waiting until the last minute can be a good thing, but no matter what the person receiving the gift will like it…hopefully. I hope that I was of some help for those who do wait until the last minute to shop. Thanks for reading and now only two more days until Christmas!


Blogmas Day 22: Winter Hair Care Routine

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So today I decided to get away from the Christmas spirit, mainly because I’m a little lazy and I also don’t know what else about Christmas I could write about. I promise I’m not a scrooge or anything, I’m just seriously tired from all the Christmas shopping I’ve done as well as attending these pesky December birthdays. So, I’m going to talk about my winter hair care routine…trust me this won’t be long.

Once winter hits and the dry air takes over, my hair pretty much follows suit. There is no putting the moisture back into my hair…not easily anyways. When you’ve got thick and curly hair, it’s a struggle to keep it bouncy and moisturized. So, I straighten it! I know that sounds pretty counterintuitive but let me explain.

When I decide I want to straighten my hair, I put a ton of moisture in my hair by deep conditioning it.

I either use, Camille Rose Algae Renew, Shea Moisture Manuka Honey Hair Masque or Ojon’s Intensive Hair Treatment. Lately, I’ve been loving Ojon’s Intensive Hair Treatment because it has an amazing smokey smell and makes my hair nice and silky.

The next step is I apply all of my normal products in my hair that you can see on Blogmas Day 5: Favorite Hair Care Products this Year and hopefully there are pictures on there still. Then I either put rollers in my hair or big twists with perm rods on the ends and sit under the dryer for about an hour. After that, I grab grease and olive oil or argan oil and then begin straightening.

Once my hair is straightened, it is so much easier to add oils to my hair to get it nice and moisturized. I prefer to wear it in protective styles, but I also like to wear it down or in hats. After a couple of weeks, I’ll wash it and decide if I want to straighten or wear it curly again.

That’s really all I do. I like to keep my hair routine pretty simple because there really is no reason for it to be complicated. Thanks for reading…only three more days until Christmas!


Blogmas Day 21: Favorite Christmas Movies

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Hey, and welcome to another day of Blogmas. Today, I’m posting about my favorite Christmas movies! It took me awhile to come up with a decent list because I couldn’t remember any of the Christmas movies. Eventually, I went over to Google and then my “memory” was like “OH YEA!” Without further ado….Awww, here it goes!

#1 The Nightmare Before Christmas


I can’t pinpoint why this is one of my favorite Christmas movies but I grew up watching and absolutely loving it. Sometimes I forget that it is actually a Christmas movie because it’s so dark and Halloweeny, which of course is the point.

#2 Home Alone


I mean isn’t Home Alone everyone’s favorite movie and do I really need to explain why it’s my favorite?

#3 How the Grinch Stole Christmas


I love both the original and the real life adaption of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. As I get older, I feel like I turn more and more into the Grinch. Of course, I end up getting into the Christmas spirit just like he did.

#4 A Christmas Story


I literally watch this over and over and over again on Christmas Day and laugh every single time. This is my absolutely favorite Christmas movie because it’s just so funny and I always have so many questions about the family’s shenanigans. A Christmas Story was way ahead of its time and will forever be my fave!

I hope you guys enjoyed my Favorite Christmas movie list. Now I want to watch one of them..or all of them. As always, thanks for reading.



Blogmas Day 20: Favorite Christmas Candies

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There are only five more days until Christmas, but five more days until Blogmas is over. *sad face* So, because Christmas day is so close, I thought I’d start posting more festive post rather than things wintry type posts. Today, I’ll be talking about my favorite Christmas candies!

#1 Caramel Candies!


These could be Werther’s Originals or just any ‘ol brand of caramels. I WILL eat them! I typically enjoy these candies around the holiday season simply because that’s when I see them the most. I also like the hard candy ones as well.

#2 Sea Salted Caramels


I told you I liked caramel! I can eat sea salted caramels year around, but there is nothing like the ones that Crate and Barrel have during the holiday season. I don’t know why these just taste so good…maybe its the caramel, maybe it’s the type of chocolate. These happen to be dark chocolate, which I’m not a fan at all but I can tolerate these babies for some odd reason!

#3 Snowflake Yogurt Covered Pretzels


Another gem that can be purchased at Crate and Barrel. Technically, these aren’t candy, but they are sweet like it. I used to eat these all the time, but can’t anymore because they aren’t gluten free. However, I can still remember the taste and can probably remake them if I really wanted to. I’ve really got a thing for the sweet and salty thing, though…it’s fulfilling two cravings at once!

#4 Candy Canes


This is a no-brainer – who doesn’t like candy canes?  I actually really like the spearmint for some weird reason. Have you ever noticed you’ll find a random candy cane lying around somewhere 5 months after Christmas?

That’s all for today. I’d love to know if they’re any other Christmas candies that I should try because I have a hell of a sweet tooth! Thanks for reading as always.


Blogmas Day 19: It’s the Simple Things

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Hey, you guys and welcome back. I did the silliest thing last night and deleted all my pictures to my previous blog posts. If you go back on some days in Blogmas, there will no longer be pictures. I for whatever reason thought it would be a good idea to clean out my “storage.” Silly me, the photos still link to the actual blog post…I just shook my head to myself too.

I’m deviating from my Blogmas list again because honestly, I’m just so tired. The last couple of days have been jam-packed with gift exchanges, brunches, and dinners. I thought today I would just take a couple of beats and post something a little shorter and more meaningful to me.

As you all know, I normally talk about simplicity and mindfulness so I thought I would bring that up again before I get extremely Christmassy on you for the remaining of Blogmas.

So, I just want talk about some of the things that have made me smile this holiday season. It really is the simple things that make us truly happy right?


If you have read one of my previous blog post, Blogmas Day 12: Holiday Booze Recipes (hopefully there are pictures) then you’ve seen this before. I have been drinking this amazing sparkling wine since Thanksgiving. I haven’t been in the mood for hard liquor lately and prefer this instead.


There’s this funny story about these shades. My mom got a package one day and I have this strange obsession with opening packages. Don’t worry, I got the OK to open them. So, I opened the packages and my mom had two pairs of these sunglasses and I instantly knew that one pair was for me. She then says, “oh you should NOT have opened that.” I told her it was fine I can open them again on Christmas. Every year, I almost always spoil at least one of my gifts from her. Two years ago, I saw the big giant Ugg box in front of our garage and was just so delighted!


My mom surprised me with an Advent calendar earlier this month. Can you tell how close my mom and I are? I’ve been enjoying opening these every day because it’s always a surprise which colors you’ll get. Also, I’m obsessed with NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Cremes and now I have more of them!


I got this cookbook for my friend for her 26th birthday. I was going on and on about how awesome the book was to my other friends and that I was really close to keeping it for myself. I was actually going to go and purchase it again after the holiday season, but during one of the gift exchanges I attended – I was given the same cookbook! I love when friends actually listen to you and get you something you’ve been wanting. Anyway, the cookbook takes it all the way back to basics in preparing your food such as grinding your own meat and mashing your own potatoes. Whenever I make things from scratch, they taste ten times better every time. This is a good cookbook if you are looking into “from farm to table” type meals.

That’s all for today, get ready for more Christmassy posts starting tomorrow! Thanks for reading.



Blogmas Day 18: Favorite Beauty Items this Year

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Ahhh it’s Sunday again…time for another favorites post. I am definitely experiencing blogging burnout again. I’m not sure if it is due to Christmas being right around the corner or if blogging every day is really just that exhausting. To be completely honest, I am surprised that I kept up with posting this consistently because I am not ever this consistent. I think I’m kind of proud of myself! Anyway on to the post! My favorite beauty items this year!


Cocoa Blend Zoeva Palette

Technically, this was a Christmas present from last year, but it didn’t arrive until the second week of January. This is my go-to eyeshadow palette because it has pretty much every color that you need. My favorite colors in the palette are that burnt umber color, Freshly Toasted and the one right above it, Warm Notes. I normally don’t like palettes (because I never use them) but this one I use every single freakin’ day!


I literally have no eyelashes whatsoever and I have struggled with different mascaras over the years. Even the best one on the market doesn’t work on my pitiful lashes. Mac Zoom Lash is the only mascara that has ever worked for a long period of time. I had trouble in the beginning with clumping, but that can be solved by simply just dabbing the wand off on a piece of tissue.

Revlon ColorStay and Givenchy Photo’Perfexion

As you all know, I have combo/oily skin so I tend to reach for foundations that cater to my skin. I also reach for foundations that have sunscreen in them, because regular sunscreen makes my skin feel clogged. Both of these foundations pretty much work the same except one is more high end and the other is a drugstore brand.


Highlighters got really popular this year and when that happens, brands start competing to sell the best one. So far, this Becca highlighter is in my top favorites. I love the way the rose gold looks on my skin. I would go on and on about it, but I could write a book.


Moving onto skincare. My favorite cleanser is the Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser. I use this every night because it takes off my makeup and makes my skin glow. What’s even better, is that you only need to use just a little bit. It’s also all natural, which makes it just that much better.


Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Oil

This teeny tiny bottle of seaberry oil packs a ton of moisture in it. Literally, two drops mixed with a moisturizer will have your skin looking and feeling amazing. The only downside is this teeny bottle is $52, but it does last forever!

Those are my beauty favorite this year and they will probably go on into next year. Hopefully, this blogging burnout will go away by tomorrow so my post are more energetic. Thanks for reading as always.