My 25 Blogmas Post Ideas

Lately, I’ve been seeing all these post going around talking about Blogmas! I think I may be the only who has never heard of Blogmas! Well I think I want to do it and I have compiled a list of ideas that I may want to do. So here is the list of 25 ideas for blog posts that I may do and others can do too! Some of these ideas might be a little different than most, but hey that’s me!

  1. DIY Christmas Gifts (duh!)
  2. Winter Outfit Ideas
  3. DIY Liqueurs
  4. Holiday Booze Recipes
  5. Wintertime Soup recipes
  6. Favorite Christmas Candy
  7. How to take Selfies in Gloomy weather
  8. Winter Fashion Essentials
  9. Favorite Song This Year
  10. Winter Makeup Essentials
  11. Favorite TV Shows This Year
  12. Winter Skincare Essentials
  13. The Gifts I’m Giving
  14. Christmas Party Outfit(s)
  15. LUSH HAUL!!
  16. Winter Hair Care Routine
  17. Going Out (dancing, drinking) In the Cold Outfits
  18. Chocolate Mint DIY’s
  19. Bath Time Routine
  20. Getting Out of the Winter Funk
  21. Favorite Christmas Movies
  22. Last Minute Gift Ideas
  23. Christmas Guilty Pleasures
  24. Favorite Thing(s) about Christmas/Traditions
  25. What I Got For Christmas This Year

(not in order)

That’s my list you guys! I’m pretty excited about doing Blogmas for the first time ever! Hopefully I can keep up and post every day until Christmas! Wish me luck!