Remember the Fashion Formula!

Today will be a quick post. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend and ate some really amazing food. I know I did!!

My best friend’s sister and I decided to throw my best friend a surprise party this last weekend. For lack of better words, it was lit! She wasn’t all that surprised, because she saw all of our cars and kind of figured. She was absolutely so difficult throughout the week towards her sister and mom. I literally had to jump through hoops and come up with this elaborate plan just to surprise this girl. All in all, it was fun and she really appreciated the effort!

I was going to do an outfit of the day on the outfit I wore, but I didn’t really like my outfit all that much that night. I’m still trying to figure out what looks good and what looks not so good on me. That night I figured out that I don’t look as good in super boxy clothing. I had on this black dress that looked kindimg_4389 of ill fitting. While it was supposed to fit like that, it just wasn’t an outfit that looks good alone.

Today I ran into the same problem, my outfit wasn’t finished! Then I remembered the formula. I always have to remember the formula! Basic piece + interest piece + finishing piece + accessories. I always forgo the interest piece because that almost always adds too much for my taste. I think my interest piece is my hair or makeup as well as accessories. Today I added a patterned scarf.

My favorite thing to do is wear pretty basic pieces then add a cool cardigan, jacket or coat. Lately for the cooler months, I’ve been wearing dresses with tights or long socks and a long line cardigan or jacket with a scarf.Slowly but surely, my style is transforming into more adult looks. I’m definitely trying to steer clear of the low-rise jeans and t shirt look that I always end up in. Old habits die hard right?

If you ever run into a rut with your wardrobe and don’t really like how your outfit is coming together – don’t be afraid to revamp your wardrobe and remember the fashion formula!