ChelsiKay’s Gift Guide Pt 1

It’s finally that time of year where it gets nice and chilly out! Every year you probably say that you’re going to start Christmas early right? Then two weeks after Thanksgiving, you realize that it might as well be Christmas and you’ve put off any shopping. Personally, I shop or make things early because I get so excited about giving gifts to my friends and family!

Mostly, I think people put off shopping because they don’t really know what to get for a family or friend. Other reasons include, not being able to afford gifts as well as just being too busy to go to the mall/store. Let’s be real though, if you’re too busy you most likely (not always) can afford gifts and if you’re on a budget you probably aren’t terribly busy. Maybe, just maybe you are actually both.

In the past, I’ve gotten some really questionable gifts and it had nothing to do with any of the reasons above. In fact, the person who gave me those strange gifts just didn’t know me that well and that’s okay. Maybe you’re just becoming friends with that person and you know you’ll probably stay friends – just ask them for what they would want or what they like.

Ok now let’s just jump into the gift guide! I’m going to be dividing this into two parts: part one for the giver of the gift and part two for the receiver of the gift. You’ll see what I mean below.


For the Busy Bee

So there’s plenty of websites where you can get gifts; the main ones being Amazon, Nordstrom Rack, and HauteLook. I prefer Amazon because the shipping is usually pretty quick and if I do happen to wait until last minute then I can at least track it down to the exact second. Pre wrapped gift sets are a busy person’s best friend. Pretty much any store has a set of something: perfume, cologne, lotion, makeup, kitchenware, you name it! These gifts are also good for someone who is just notorious for doing everything last minute.


Uncommon Goods Wine Tool Set

For the Penny Pincher 


I bet you thought I was going to say, just make something right? Of course that’s always an option even if you can afford gifts, but there are plenty of inexpensive gifts out there. Word Market, Francesca’s, Target, and TJMaxx all have some really great sections where you can get your hands on some interesting gifts.


World Market Pumkin Spice Candle


For the Indecisive Individual 

I consider myself a very indecisive shopper probably due to my being a semi minimalist as well as kind of cheap. I also really want the receiver to absolutely love their gift. So what do you do in this predicament? Make a gift basket! Gift baskets are so much fun to make and they always end up being perfectly curated for the person. I once gave a friend who loved to bake, a gift basket full of cake mix, measuring spoons, and a baker’s cookbook. Another year, I accumulated makeup and makeup accessories over the course of a couple of weeks and put together a makeup gift bag for my friend’s birthday. Gift baskets and bags are a great way to buy little inexpensive paraphernalia and create one big special gift!


Pinterest Image


For the “Salty” Shopper

So, not everybody likes to shop and I happen to fall in this category too. Shopping near or during holiday season is hell and so is shopping during peak mall hours. If you too fall in this category, I recommend shopping before holiday season or shopping around the time a store opens. Online shops are even better if you just really hate going into stores. For this group, I suggest shopping at specialty gift stores such as Things Remembered, Hallmark, Papyrus, and even Starbucks. The gifts in these stores can be wrapped or pre wrapped. The gifts can also be personalized and let’s be real there’s no such thing as too many mugs or Starbucks cups!


Google Image


I hope this was a great read and a thorough shoppers gift guide. I also hope this makes it just that much easier to go shopping during the holiday season! My part two will be up next week, don’t miss it!