DIY Fridays: Clays Masks

Hello everyone, welcome to DIY Fridays! So it’s probably a known fact that I adore DIY’s when it comes to skincare right? Nobody wants to bother with figuring out if an ingredient is good or bad for them nor do they want to pay a pretty penny for something that can easily be made in the comfort of their own home…or at least I don’t. Who’s with me on this one?

I love masks…facemasks that is. Every time I step into Sephora, I always buy one of those cool sheet masks because they’re only $6 and kind of fun or maybe that’s just me. I’m not sure if they actually work or not but they’re pretty damn cool to say the least. However, I do find it strange that you don’t wash off the gel like substance once you take the sheet off of your face. At $6 who knows what’s in those masks, maybe it isn’t really that bad though. I’ve thought about buying the Boscia peel off charcoal masks, but I decided against it because I wanted to try out clay masks.

Last week, I marched into Whole Food and grabbed some Aztec Bentonite Clay that took me forever to find because it was hidden in some obscure place, but I managed. I got home and mixed in some water and sweet almond oil and slapped the mixture on my face. I washed it off 10 minutes later and my skin was so smooth and my pores appeared smaller. I woke up the next morning with a few irritation bumps as well as some purged bumps because bentonite clay can be extremely strong. My face also looked red where I applied the mask (on my cheek area.) While I loved this mask, I wanted something that contained a little more balancing properties that didn’t cause redness and irritation. You can purchase Bentonite clay here in a big jar and here in something a little smaller.

After researching different type of clays, I ran across one called, Rhassoul Clay. This sounded very familiar to me and I realized that my Lush Dark Angels contains Rhassoul mud. Dark Angels is amazing on my face and never fails to eradicate my pimples! I purchased Rhassoul Clay here, but you can also find it hereimg_4283.

Rhassoul clay contains a ton of minerals such as silicon, potassium, magnesium, iron, sodium, lithium and trace elements. The clay is known to improve skin texture, elasticity, and clarity. I found that Rhassoul clay was much finer than the Bentonite clay, which I personally think, is better. Once Rhassoul clay is mixed with water, it becomes negatively charged while toxins under your skin are positively charged. I bet you can guess what happens once you add th
e mask to your face.

fullsizerender-2This wasn’t so much a DIY really, since all you have to do is add water but the hard work is getting a good consistency and applying the mixture evenly. All you need is warm water, a plastic spoon (never metal,) a makeup brush, and an oil of your choice. Obviously you need the clay, but that’s a no brainer!

Add water little by little until you get the consistency you desire. I prefer a paste like texture to a liquid so I add a little under a teaspoon of water and about halimg_4286f teaspoon of sweet almond oil. I mix it up and then apply the clay to my face using the makeup brush. Because I have sensitive skin I kept my mask on for only 7 minutes, but you can keep it on longer of course.

I’m not sure why I was surprised when I washed the mask off, but my face was extremely soft! Earlier this week I had a relapse with my skin because I used an unclean brush and out came the random pimples. I woke img_4287up this morning to much smaller pimples as well as imaginary ones! In fact, I’m still in shock over how soft and smooth my skin is. Rhassoul Clay will certainly be added into my regime and I’ll be sure to do this mask twice a week.

What kind of clay do you use as a mask?