The DIY Bug

The obsession starts with being cheap or wanting to give a good gift to someone. The DIY obsession is real and the bug has bitten me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been interested in doing things myself, but as of lately it has really taken over! This isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all, but I may have just gotten carried away.

It all started with my hair troubles a few weeks ago and then just kind snowballed from there. I purchased a melt and pour soap kit last week and was just amazed how everything turned out. Then just the other day, I made my own hydrosol or distilled floral water.

As you all know, skincare is really important to me as of lately and has turned into a necessity rather than an obsession. DIY’ing my skincare is definitely in the works, I just have to figure out what works and doesn’t work for my skin. Also, I’m kind of in love with the products that I have already and wouldn’t mind repurchasing them.

Skincare and…well everything in your life should really be simple. Trying to figure out what all those ingredients are and if they’re even safe to use is too much especially when you can use things that are right in your kitchen. Now I’m not saying go out and throw out all your face washes because they contain chemicals. If something works for you, then keep on at it. Not all chemicals are bad and not all natural things are good. Personally, anything that did contain chemicals did not work for me whereas the more natural the product was the better my skin reacted.

My skin reacts even better to things I make myself.

With all that being said, here are some things I made within the past few weeks. I purchased some dried lavender flowers and made a lavender hydrosol. Making it was probably one of the coolest things I’ve done. Two days ago, I made a bentonite clay mask that left my skin feeling extremely soft and my pores unclogged. I mentioned the melt and pour soap that for some reason is ten times better than store bought soap. I also made some lotion, which I’ve been making for a few months now. I most likely (as I said in my last post) will give my concoctions as gifts this year!

Get ready to see a lot of DIY’s on here in place of Foodie Fridays starting this Friday! Thanks for reading!