Going Braless

Aren’t bras just horrible? They’re uncomfortable, binding, hot, itchy, and just plain ‘ol annoying! I know some people really don’t mind them at all and have no problems whatsoever. Bras are often marketed as supporting your breast, but let’s be real they’re really meant to cover nipples. Like most things, going braless isn’t for everyone. To some, wearing them is a security blanket or even combats some sagging. So if you’re thinking about going braless or want to start, then keep reading.

Earlier this year I began to stop wearing a bra because I felt so much more free without them. I am also part of the itty bitty titty committee so they’re not really that necessary. I still wear bralettes as well as bandeaus because I’m not at all a fan of my nipples on full display.img_0511

I got really sick of shopping for regular bras especially in my size because they were all padded and push ups and overpriced. All that padding ever did was make my boobs look painfully unnatural and collect sweat…even on a cool day.

I still have bras of course; there are just some tops that require them, but as soon as I get home that bad boy is being ripped through my sleeve.

Pasties are your best friend. I wish I knew about pasties a long time ago so I can take back those outfits I shouldn’t have worn with a bra. I have yet to try the silicone pasties but that is definitely on my to do list. I have tried the stick on flower pasties, which I love so much!

There is something about the freeness and the way clothes look when you go braless. It is a great feeling and experience. It is seriously worth giving a try if you haven’t already. Check out my video on going braless for some more information.