Be Mindful of YOU

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I can’t stress enough how important it is to take care of yourself. Some people are all about working super hard and playing even harder. I used to live like this, thinking that I had to make a great amount of money by working hard and rewarding myself to the fullest. I would go to my classes, then work and then go all out on the weekend…sometimes not the weekend. My health slowly declined and I ALWAYS had a cold or some kind of pain or virus. There comes a time when you just have to completely STOP and take some time for you.

Your average 23 year old probably isn’t thinking that they need to eat clean or buy/make natural skincare and makeup or DIY their own laundry detergent and household cleaners. However, I am because just taking those steps can significantly improve my health and also my bank account. Right now I am completely focused on eating clean and taking are of my skin. These things both go hand in hand and if I only focused on one, I probably wouldn’t see results. Pay attention to what goes in your body as well as on your body.

I ran across this website called LittleGreenDot and her values of a natural and simple lifestyle line up right along with mine. I eagerly signed up for her weekly newsletter on skincare and I am currently binge reading her blog posts. I will most definitely be trying out some of her DIY recipes, especially for gifts this coming Christmas. Check her website out!

I recently started using this face wash from the Indie Lee line. It’s natural, smells decent, and makes my skin freakin’ glow! Don’t worry I still use Honey Love from Leahlani, but I needed a night cleanser that could remove all of my makeup. I found out about doublimg_4211e cleansing not too long ago and have been doing it for about three weeks now. I first wash with an oil (grape seed, olive, coconut) and then follow up with one of my cleansers. Once a week I’ll usually exfoliate with Lush’s Dark Angels as a skin clarifier. The only thing I use that’s not all natural is my sunscreen in the morning…I am currently working on that.

I would like to get to a point where I make my own face washes and moisturizers, but I am not quite there yet. Baby steps. Though, I do occasionally make my own lotions and body scrubs and that is a start.

I hope you all enjoyed reading, I’m going to go home and make some tortilla soup and enjoy this beautiful fall day!

What do you do to take care of yourself?



Natural Hair Troubles..

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Lets talk protein sensitivity. I’m not sure if it is actually a real thing, but from my experience I believe that is. My hair has never responded well to products with protein in it. It makes my hair soft, yet crunchy then gets bone dry after a few days.

About a month ago I dyed my hair back to black and my hair felt lifeless and thin after the fact. A couple of days later I decided to do a protein treatment thinking that it would help my poor strands out. I whipped up an egg, yogurt and honey mask and slapped it on my hair and it revived back to life. Days later, the dryness returned to my hair which I figured was due to my DIY protein treatment. I then researched a DIY deep conditioner that was specifically made for protein sensitive hair. The recipe contained coconut milk, banana, honey and other various carrier oils.

Let’s just say this deep conditioner did NOT leave my hair feeling…well conditioned. Upon further research, I realized that coconut milk and banana still has quite a bit of protein in them and that I probably overloaded my hair with protein. As I delved deeper into the research, I discovered that one of the products I was using, as a styler was heavy in the protein department.

In fact, many of the natural hair products contain protein or protein mimickers.

sheamoistAt this point, I was in dire need of an actual deep conditioner that did not contain too much protein (really tired of this word now.) Anything that I DIY’ed would probably be full of it, so I ended up purchasing an old favorite – Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Mask. Honey can also be drying to some people, but for this curly girl it works wonders!

My hair is back in great shape and now I’ve learned about protein sensitivity and protein overload. I replaced my styling product with something I already had and now know that I need to be mindful of the future products I purchase, so that I do not end up in the same boat.

Thanks for reading!

What hair troubles have you had??



Product List:

Shampoo – Castille Soap or Apple Cider Vinegar (2x a month)

Deep Conditioner – Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Mask

Conditioner (when I don’t deep condition) – Aussie Moist

Leave in – Oyin Juices & Berries and Giovanni Direct Leave-in

Oil – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Styler – Curls Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave in

Going Braless

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Aren’t bras just horrible? They’re uncomfortable, binding, hot, itchy, and just plain ‘ol annoying! I know some people really don’t mind them at all and have no problems whatsoever. Bras are often marketed as supporting your breast, but let’s be real they’re really meant to cover nipples. Like most things, going braless isn’t for everyone. To some, wearing them is a security blanket or even combats some sagging. So if you’re thinking about going braless or want to start, then keep reading.

Earlier this year I began to stop wearing a bra because I felt so much more free without them. I am also part of the itty bitty titty committee so they’re not really that necessary. I still wear bralettes as well as bandeaus because I’m not at all a fan of my nipples on full display.img_0511

I got really sick of shopping for regular bras especially in my size because they were all padded and push ups and overpriced. All that padding ever did was make my boobs look painfully unnatural and collect sweat…even on a cool day.

I still have bras of course; there are just some tops that require them, but as soon as I get home that bad boy is being ripped through my sleeve.

Pasties are your best friend. I wish I knew about pasties a long time ago so I can take back those outfits I shouldn’t have worn with a bra. I have yet to try the silicone pasties but that is definitely on my to do list. I have tried the stick on flower pasties, which I love so much!

There is something about the freeness and the way clothes look when you go braless. It is a great feeling and experience. It is seriously worth giving a try if you haven’t already. Check out my video on going braless for some more information.