Fall Wardrobe Revamp

This week it will be fall!! Words can’t describe how happy I am to have Fall weather back…well except those words. This summer was seriously a rough one and I am elated that it is finally over. Who else is ready for Fall?!

While I am sooo ready for Fall, I am not sure my wardrobe is. I opened up my vacuum-sealed bag and was quite disappointed. It was at that moment I realized I still dress like a teenager. I wouldn’t say that this is such a bad thing, because well at least I have clothes to wear. I’m only in my early twenties, so it isn’t that far fetched that some of my outfits look a little juvenile. However, I believe that it is time for a much needed closet revamp. With a capsule wardrobe this could very well be challenging, but I will most likely use the search and replace method. Search for whatever doesn’t fit (my style) anymore and replace it with something that does.

The last few days, I’ve been imagining my future Fall wardrobe and for the first time ever I saw color. For the most part, my wardrobe is pretty black, white and grey with very little colors here and there. Don’t get me wrong I still love my basic neutrals, but it is time to add something more. I’m definitely not thinking of going crazy because I KNOW I will never wear anything crazy. I only plan on adding more neutrals such as a dusty pink, olive green and taupe. I know you might be thinking, “that is not adding color,” but for me this is totally adding color!

I decided to get extremely visual with this process of planning out my wardrobe and I think it’s a really good idea for someone who wants to change his or her style up. I took my ideas over to Polyvore and got to work.


I recently got a job that I get to do from home. Obligatory YAAAASS! I may have to dress in a little work wear every now and then, so something that’s not leggings or jeans is much needed. Trousers! I never ever thought I would wear let alone like trousers, but they’re actually very comfortable. Of course I can dress them up or down depending on where I’m off to.screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-6-49-31-pm

I’m not even sure why I’ve been sleeping on bodysuits, because they go with so many different things. I’m not completely sure why I don’t see them in capsule wardrobes more often either. A couple of bodysuits is something I will definitely be adding to my capsule due to their versatility. I’m not quite sure about the skirts, because I never thought I looked great in them but I’ll give them a shot.


Little black t shirt dresses are my favorite! I actually don’t even have to buy one, but I still felt obligated to plan it out because hey you never know. I’ll need some new boots most definitely! I know I said I was adding color, but this is where the accessories come in!


Oh how I love joggers! Having dusty pink pants freaks me out yet intrigues me at the same time. I can’t even remember the last time I wore colorful bottoms that weren’t jeans. I didn’t include it, but I’m absolutely going to need a bomber jacket to go along with these joggers.


Of course, some of these items are already in my capsule, so I won’t have to go out and purchase a completely new wardrobe. I highly suggest visually planning out your wardrobe because it will help to not buy unnecessary items that don’t even fit your needs. My goal was to add color and I purposely didn’t add any really bold colors because I know I probably won’t wear them. It helps to see everything so you don’t go overboard when you’re in the store…yes we’ve all been there.

I hope this post was useful and enjoyable! In the future I will probably make more post like this because it certainly has helped me. With that said, Happy Almost Fall everyone!