Mindful Eating

Ahh mindful eating. This is a big one for me, yet probably the easiest change for me. I’m definitely an abuser of eating junk when I’m bored; who isn’t though? Eating mindfully comes easy to me because I gave up gluten around this time last year. So once I gave up gluten, eating healthy and clean was something that was pretty much written in the stars for me.

This definitely isn’t a how to guide to healthy or mindful eating, because what may work for me may not work for you. Personally, I read a few books and magazines and even watched a couple of documentaries. I ran into this user on Reddit who makes these amazing recipes, both clean and not so clean. NerdsWithKnives is their website and I certainly will be visiting quite often.

As for the books – cookbooks to be exact, they really aren’t always the best. You read this awesome recipe only to make this huge dinner and have ALL these leftover herbs, spices and sauces that you’ll probably never ever use again. Recipes seem to be written for families of 5 of 6 as well. Have you ever seen a recipe that says “Serves 8” and you’re only a family of four or less? I mean even the ones that say “Serves 4” you end up with this giant meal for an extra three people. Of course leftovers, but do we really want to eat the same thing for the next three days? If you have this problem, try to half your recipes; yes this involves a little math, I apologize. Or you can eyeball everything, I don’t think I’ve ever actually followed a recipe to tee – yup I’m such a rebel.

I picked up this cool mimg_3977agazine on whim at Wegman’s and it includes some really creative recipes. Instead of it being sorted by meals of the day, it is sorted by type of food. For example: There is a section on egg recipes and then another section on pork, chicken, etc. The portion sizes are pretty decent and they’re easy and affordable.

Pretty much any documentary talking about any social or economic issues like the food industry, it is going to be somewhat extreme. I’ve watched about three documentaries on the affects of junk food and processed foods and sugar. All of this stuff is bad for us and we know that. The problem isn’t that we eat these foods; it is that we eat it in excess. That’s what the documentaries don’t tell you which is why they don’t really seem to be that effective. If they came out and said, “hey don’t eat so much of this, you’ll feel better,” this would be a better tactic. The key should be to change the way we eat, not to scare us into eating healthier foods. So when watching any documentary on food or any other economic issue, take points from it and not at face value.

If you’re still reading, I suggest doing your own research when it comes to food. This is a personal and intimate choice for us all. Changing the way you eat is a huge adjustment to your life and not everyone can do same thing. Even eating mindfully is a big change, but definitely attainable. Give it a try; you might like it.



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