Foodie Fridays


  1. Breakfast in bed is one of the best things ever. I get spoiled by my boyfriend almost every weekend with a fried egg, bacon and cinnamon toast. Sometimes the breakfast changes every now and then, but this is usually the norm. I gotta say, he might be a keeper :).
  2. Have any of you seen these jello shots all over the Internet? As soon as I saw these, I had to make them. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was throwing myself a birthday party. Well I did! I made a big batch of these awesome jello shots and my friends and family loved them! The key to making jello shots not taste like cough medicine is…use tequila and any flavor of jello that is not cherry.
  3. This giant pancake was probably the best pancake I’ve EVER had. That allergy stick is there is because I got them made gluten free. Normally GF waffles and pancakes are not that great, but this one may have been better than regular pancakes.
  4. Who doesn’t like seven layer bean dip? I also had this dip at my party and half way through it was completely gone. Everyone kept on asking me where I got it from and when I told them that I made it myself, they were surprised. It is literally the easiest recipe ever. Comment if you would like for me to share!

That’s all this Friday! Thanks for reading and if you would like me to share any of the recipes or restaurants, just leave a comment!