Mindfulness and Parties

It’s that time of the year where I get extremely ecstatic because August is my birthday month. I don’t celebrate all month of course, however I do prepare to start celebrating once the month starts. If you haven’t caught on yet, I am really serious about birthdays! I don’t know if it’s the cake or the presents, but I love celebrating someone’s special day including my own (duh!)

This year I am planning my own birthday party with some help from a friend and I couldn’t be more excited! Planning events can be extremely stressful, also it is really easy to over spend on things you don’t even need. Pinterest is a really good outlet for DIY everything!

When it comes to planning any event, mindless shopping just happens. You want to please your guest so you buy lots of alcohol, food, party supplies, decorations etc. etc. What you’re left with is a bunch of leftover food, half full (or empty) drinks, and leftover plastic plates and cups.

I am attempting to do the bare minimum with hopes of having a maximum party. The first step is to have hors devours and side dishes instead of big entrees of food. This does require a little more work, but the clean up will be extremely minimal. Can you say skewers and various finger foods?

The next step is to have people bring their own bottle (optional of course) but still have a good selection of drinks. Sangria is usually a big hit at most events and who doesn’t like margaritas? BYOB seems like its for the younger crowd when the host can’t afford liquor, but if you throw a “happy hour” party bringing your own liquor is almost essential. The guest will be able to make their own drinks if they prefer something other than what is being served.


The red solo cup dilemma is a hard one. For whatever reason people ALWAYS use about five different cups. I still haven’t figured out how to remedy this problem. At my party I will set a limited number of cups out and put a couple of sharpies by them. Hopefully that will relieve the millions of cups that end up all over the kitchen counter.


Remember back in the day in preschool and kindergarten when we used to create decorations for the classroom and they would come out alright? Fold the paper hot dog or hamburger and cut slits all over and now you have snowflake! Yeah you remember! DIY’s come out a lot better (for some of us) now that we’re older. Tissue paper and construction paper goes a long way for some pretty awesome decorations.

diy poms

These are the few tips I have to throwing a great yet mindful party. Not only do you save money, but you’ll save time on cleaning up. I hope my party is a big hit and ends up being as easy as the planning process. I’ll be sure to update and post pictures of the party when the time comes around. Thanks for reading!