5 Things That You Absolutely Need

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5 Things That You ABSOLUTELY Need


I often forget that vinegar is an amazing cleanser for…well everything! Last week my bathtub was just horrid and nothing I used (pine sol, soft scrub etc.FullSizeRender-3) would get any of the dirt up. I then turned to the vinegar and dish soap mix; my tub was pretty much brand new again! I might have to throw out all of those other store bought cleansers, because at this point they are pretty useless and probably pretty toxic.


Echinacea tea

This tea is just a lifesaver, for real though! I got sick last week and dIMG_3920-1idn’t have this on hand. As soon as I got at least two cups of this in my system, I instantly felt better. Of course it isn’t a cure, so it still took a couple of days for me to completely get over my sickness. I specifically like this brand because it has the actual Echinacea root in it and that is where the majority of the medicinal properties are hiding.

Activated Charcoal

This has gained lots of popularity in the past few years and for a good reason too. I FullSizeRender-2personally use this for my face. If I mix it with brown sugar, I have an amazing face scrub. I can mix it with something a little thicker, like bentonite clay or aloe vera gel and create a face mask. Activated charcoal is also great for teeth whitening and great natural eyeliner.


Peppermint Oil

This essential oil has endless uses. The better question is what don’t I use it for? I can make a linen spray mixed with lavender oil, some natural toothpaste, disinfectant spray and so on. When I was sick, I put a few drops in my humidifier to open FullSizeRender-1up my air passages.

Eucalyptus Oil

FullSizeRenderOkay, so I’m not a huge fan of this distinctive smell, but it does what it is supposed to do. I work at the coffee shop most days and all throughout the summer. These particular bees have been harassing me. They don’t sting but they do fly all in my face; who can get work done when they’re being harassed by a couple of insects? I found out that almost every insect doesn’t like eucalyptus (or peppermint.) I whipped up a cocoa butter, coconut oil, eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil lotion to wear just so I can sit outside. Of course I could sit inside the coffee shop, but they keep it artic freezing inside. So with the special concotion I can sit outside in the nice warm sun AND get this blog up! Oh and the lotion smells like a peppermint patty, which I think is pretty awesome.

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I Put a Cup WHERE?!

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If you are easily squeamish and hate the talk of anatomical things and such, then do NOT keep reading!


So if you’re a woman, you most likely menstruate and have most likely heard of the menstrual cup. If you haven’t heard of the menstrual cup, it is literally a flexible silicone cup that you insert into your lady goods and let the menstrual contents collect. Then you take it out once filled, dump it out (in toilet) and rinse it in the sink. YES it is absolutely gross, but to be completely honest, it is not anymore gross than changing a pad or tamponIMG_3891

Earlier this month I decided to purchase a menstrual cup as a part of being somewhat zero waste. Boy was I surprised at how well it worked and how well I liked it. Most people are able to go 12 hours without having to dump it out, so that is only two times in the bathroom. On my heaviest day, I have to visit the bathroom about every 4 -6 hours, which still beats every hour with a tampon or pad. I can’t completely cut out the whole public restroom debacle, but that really isn’t the end of the world to me. Baby wipes are my best friend.

I am still new to the cup, so I did have a couple of leaks throughout the week – nothing new there *huge eye roll*. Because I am completely comfortable with my lady goods, I didn’t have a huge problem with anything getting temporarily stuck or any crazy horror stories for that matter. BTW I only say “lady goods” because I like the way it sounds when said, but I am perfectly okay with the word vaginaIMG_3894

Now I’m not going to give a play by play on how to insert and remove the cup, because there are hundreds of examples all over the Internet. In fact, I watched about ten YouTube videos and read hundreds of reviews before I decided I was going to purchase one. So, I assume if you’re still reading this its because you already follow this blog or you are still trying to figure out where I put a cup.

Okay so let me get to the cool stuff about menstrual cups already!

IMG_3893The purchase is a one-time payment of about $15-$55 depending on the cup you get. The keyword is one-time, meaning you never really have to buy tampons or pads ever again. As stated before, you can go a longer amount of time without having be in a bathroom. Of course you’re not producing any waste because the cup is reusable. The best thing to me personally is… there is no horrible smell. You know the smell I’m speaking of, turns out that it is the pads and tampons or at least their interaction with the fluids.

I never thought periods could actually be so easy, just by changing the type of products. Of course I thought it was pretty disgusting at first, but now I’m more than comfortable with the change. I recommend that every menstruating woman switch to the cup because…well didn’t you read this blog post? I could rave on and on about the ever so wonderful menstrual cup, but I think I can save it for another post later on down the road.

However, I will say, the menstrual cup has made life (and periods) just that much easier.

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Simplicity and Hair

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Sometimes it really is the simple things that make life really enjoyable.

A couple of days ago, I straightened my hair. I know that isn’t such a big deal to some, but I have naturally curly hair that I rarely straighten anymore. This summer has been oppressively humid and my curls have not wanted to cooperate. Why oh why would I straighten my hair in this humid weather? I don’t have the type of curls that I can just wet and go; I have the kind that I have to spend at least 30 minutes styling and wait a whole night to dry. After the millionth time of putting my hair up into a wonky looking puff, I decided to go against what my hair naturally wants to do.

I actually didn’t straighten my hair to wear it straight. Ironic much? I did it so that I could wear cute protective styles. I’m sure EVERYONE has seen the pigtail Dutch braids that all the celebrities are wearing now…or again? This is something I can’t do with my natural hair simply due to the thickness. Hair thickness is both a blessing and a curse. Of course that isn’t the only style that I want to rock thoughFullSizeRender

So far the straight hair in protective styles is pretty amazing. Not only is it simple, but also my hair is out of my face. Surprisingly, IRL I don’t see many people rocking braided styles or even cute updos other than buns. I can’t get over how easy it is to throw my hair into one of these styles and go. I also can’t get over how it took me so long to start doing this.

This wasn’t one of my normal posts, but I had to share how simple these protective styles have been. When the humidity and heat hit, one of the first things us girls worry about is their hair. So why not throw a couple of braids in your hair and go?


Mindfulness and Parties

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It’s that time of the year where I get extremely ecstatic because August is my birthday month. I don’t celebrate all month of course, however I do prepare to start celebrating once the month starts. If you haven’t caught on yet, I am really serious about birthdays! I don’t know if it’s the cake or the presents, but I love celebrating someone’s special day including my own (duh!)

This year I am planning my own birthday party with some help from a friend and I couldn’t be more excited! Planning events can be extremely stressful, also it is really easy to over spend on things you don’t even need. Pinterest is a really good outlet for DIY everything!

When it comes to planning any event, mindless shopping just happens. You want to please your guest so you buy lots of alcohol, food, party supplies, decorations etc. etc. What you’re left with is a bunch of leftover food, half full (or empty) drinks, and leftover plastic plates and cups.

I am attempting to do the bare minimum with hopes of having a maximum party. The first step is to have hors devours and side dishes instead of big entrees of food. This does require a little more work, but the clean up will be extremely minimal. Can you say skewers and various finger foods?

The next step is to have people bring their own bottle (optional of course) but still have a good selection of drinks. Sangria is usually a big hit at most events and who doesn’t like margaritas? BYOB seems like its for the younger crowd when the host can’t afford liquor, but if you throw a “happy hour” party bringing your own liquor is almost essential. The guest will be able to make their own drinks if they prefer something other than what is being served.


The red solo cup dilemma is a hard one. For whatever reason people ALWAYS use about five different cups. I still haven’t figured out how to remedy this problem. At my party I will set a limited number of cups out and put a couple of sharpies by them. Hopefully that will relieve the millions of cups that end up all over the kitchen counter.


Remember back in the day in preschool and kindergarten when we used to create decorations for the classroom and they would come out alright? Fold the paper hot dog or hamburger and cut slits all over and now you have snowflake! Yeah you remember! DIY’s come out a lot better (for some of us) now that we’re older. Tissue paper and construction paper goes a long way for some pretty awesome decorations.

diy poms

These are the few tips I have to throwing a great yet mindful party. Not only do you save money, but you’ll save time on cleaning up. I hope my party is a big hit and ends up being as easy as the planning process. I’ll be sure to update and post pictures of the party when the time comes around. Thanks for reading!




Zero Waste and Plastic Free Living

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I frequent Starbucks almost everyday, to get work done for my jewelry store (Black Candy) or my YouTube channel (ChelsiKay). I usually get a Caramel Frappuccino or Iced Green Tea. I’ve been going to the same Starbucks for almost two years now and I have been ordering a drink in a disposable cup.Considering I go there all the time, I should have had a reusable cup a long time ago! I purchased one earlier this week and this one little change feels pretty great.

I’m sure by now you all have heard of the zero waste girl who fit two years of trash in a mason jar. If you haven’t, you can check out her story here. Personally I think it’s pretty impressive that people take the time to think about the amount of waste that they produce…how mindful

I don’t think attempting to live a zero waste lifestyle is hard but I do feel like it is time consuming. Many people go out of their way to go to bulk stores, make compost, DIY everything, bring their own eating utensils, and make the switch to sustainable resources. Some zero wasters also think you should go vegan, shop secondhand, stop driving, and never travel. With every kind of movement, there are going to be some dogmatic believers out there *sigh. * I could go on and on about how annoying those “all or nothing” people are and what a turn off it is, but I think we all know.

One thing is that plastic is the most obnoxious and somewhat unnecessary man-made resource out there. Have you ever had to open scissors with another pair of scissors? I have and even with the scissors it still took me 10 additional minutes to open the damned thing. Anyway, after much research on zero waste, I am going to attempt to live a plastic free lifestyle. Plastic free lines up right along with my refined minimalism (essentialism) and my mindful & simple living journey.

So, would I ever go completely zero waste? I’m not really sure. If I lived on my own I most likely would give it a try. It is an extreme lifestyle change and it honestly does seem like it could be rather stressful. However, it does help out to not let your waste sit in a landfill for years and years. Maybe one day…

Would you go zero waste or plastic free?


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