Foodie Friday’s

Yes I know I’m a day late, but better late than never right? This week features food that was homemade and I put lots of love into. Most of the dishes were actually pretty easy and quick which is exactly why I made them.


1. Funnel Cake! It’s fair season and who doesn’t like funnel cake? Well us people whose stomach doesn’t tolerate gluten had to give up this yummy fried dough…at least at the fair. I found a gluten free recipe online, but didn’t really follow it because that’s me. It turned out well I must say and it’s pretty.

2. So I technically didn’t make this, my mom did. It’s a red wine spritzer with a splash of lemon. Earlier this summer I got a little sangria crazy and needed to take it easy. I despise red wine normally, but with a little 7up or Sprite…perfection.

3. I made it seem like the chicken and broccoli was the center piece of this meal, but it’s actually the things behind the chicken. Crab rangoons..on tortilla chip scoops instead of wonton wrappers. Cream cheese and crab meat happens to be really good!

4. I’ve mentioned many a time how much I love Mexican food. I know taco salad really isn’t authentic Mexican food but this was still freaking amazing. The fam was definitely a fan of this meal!

Normally I am all about going out to eat in the summer, but cooking is just way more appealing to me this year. Stay tuned for more foodie Friday’s..actually on Fridays.