Foodie Friday’s

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Yes I know I’m a day late, but better late than never right? This week features food that was homemade and I put lots of love into. Most of the dishes were actually pretty easy and quick which is exactly why I made them.


1. Funnel Cake! It’s fair season and who doesn’t like funnel cake? Well us people whose stomach doesn’t tolerate gluten had to give up this yummy fried dough…at least at the fair. I found a gluten free recipe online, but didn’t really follow it because that’s me. It turned out well I must say and it’s pretty.

2. So I technically didn’t make this, my mom did. It’s a red wine spritzer with a splash of lemon. Earlier this summer I got a little sangria crazy and needed to take it easy. I despise red wine normally, but with a little 7up or Sprite…perfection.

3. I made it seem like the chicken and broccoli was the center piece of this meal, but it’s actually the things behind the chicken. Crab rangoons..on tortilla chip scoops instead of wonton wrappers. Cream cheese and crab meat happens to be really good!

4. I’ve mentioned many a time how much I love Mexican food. I know taco salad really isn’t authentic Mexican food but this was still freaking amazing. The fam was definitely a fan of this meal!

Normally I am all about going out to eat in the summer, but cooking is just way more appealing to me this year. Stay tuned for more foodie Friday’s..actually on Fridays.

Shopping Mindfully

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My last post talked about how I would love to permanently quit fast fashion but it is just too expensive for my budget at the moment. I gave a tip on how to wear and make cheap clothing last, which you can read here.

I wanted to follow up and write more about fast fashion and how to shop mindfully when purchasing items.

So, you find yourself in a Forever 21 after you gave up on a quest to find something sustainable, stylish and in your budget. The biggest problem with your fast fashion stores is that they have almost every trend you could think of. This sounds pretty awesome until you have a ton of items hanging in your closet that you’ve never worn and never plan to wear.

Your style is Boho Chic but you find yourself buying all these Soft Grunge pieces because they looked so great on the mannequin or they’re only $9.50. This is why it is imperative to find your personal style before stepping foot into any store. Assuming that you want to shop mindfully, you should already have a personal style in mind. Tip #1 shouldn’t be too difficult for some

Tip #1: Shop within your style parameters.

 You’re invited to a party or event and really want to make statement. You purchase a sequined skirt and a halter-top. Now they’re sitting in your closet never to be worn ever again. Instead of purchasing a piece that is super specific, try for a piece that is a little simpler. Accessories were invented for a reason…accessorize please!

Tip #2: Don’t purchase items that are too specific and accessorize.

 A lot of the times we buy something from a store (especially a fast fashion store) and bring it home only to find out that it doesn’t fit. I know, I know, I hate trying on clothes too. The lines can be long and changing out of clothes multiple times is somewhat tedious. If you decide to forgo the changing room and find that the item doesn’t fit, DO NOT hang on to it! Return it or exchange it and don’t try to convince yourself you’ll fit into it later.

Tip #3: Utilize the changing rooms/return ill-fitting items.

It’s ridiculously easy to get caught up in trends. Fringe is back in…or did it ever go away? My goodness do I love a nice fringe heel, jacket, shirt, skirt…etc. Now this tip isn’t supposed to deter anyone away from being trendy; in fact I say embrace the trends but in your own refined way. This tip goes along with tip #2. I’ve mentioned a versatile wardrobe on here before and I still wholeheartedly believe in having versatility in a closet. When you’re shopping and you find something you like, think of the different items in your closet that you can wear with the new piece. If you can get two different outfits out of an item then you found yourself a winner.

Tip #4: Shop for versatile pieces that can be worn in more than one way.

 I hope you all enjoyed reading this post because this is one of my favorite topics to talk about: mindfulness. As consumers, we can be easily convinced to buy and buy and buy without really thinking about it. Shopping mindfully helps to think before you purchase (also saves you money) even when you find yourself standing in the middle of a fast fashion store.



How to Wear Cheap Clothing

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In a perfect world, we would all have this amazing wardrobe that is sustainable, stylish and affordable. Being able to capture all three in any wardrobe would be pretty lucky if you ask me. For some of us consumers, we have to pass up on the sustainability to get both the stylishness and affordability.

I have given up on fast fashion many many times, but I always find myself back in an H&M or Forever 21 just for the affordability even with a capsule wardrobe. It’s pretty awesome to be able to walk into a store looking for a t-shirt and only having to pay $10..$12 with tax. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a organic store only to leave empty handed simply because of the price and sometimes the style…or lack thereof.

Cheap clothing or fast fashion does not HAVE to be bad! I feel everyone’s pain when they get a super cute shirt or dress only to be able to wear it once. It either shrunk, ripped, or became ill fitted. This more than likely occurs after it has been washed. If it didn’t occur after washing, then it was probably already in poor condition before you purchased the item.

So the big key to wearing cheap clothes more than once is to simply read the tag. More often than not, the tag will say “wash cold and tumble dry low” or “wash cold and line dry.” I know. That’s it?! Yes that is it. This “advice” goes for most clothing no matter the price. It is especially important with cheaper clothing because of the fibers they are made out of.

Sometimes the tag is just plain confusing or is in another language. What I normally do is wash ALL of my clothes on a delicate cycle and either line dry or put my dryer on air dry. Low heat is also okay too. It’s important in general to be gentle with your clothing.


IMG_0252                                  Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 4.02.22 PM

The gray shirt was $8 at H&M and should have shrunk a long time ago, but it has not been dried on high heat ever. The black dress was $5 on Amazon. I made the mistake of drying it and it shrunk into a shirt. I repurchased it and do the same as I do to the shirt. That’s really all there is to it. This may have been a no brainer to some or maybe even a life saver.

One day I hope to fully return to sustainable, but for now this is what I’ll be doing because it is affordable.