Minimalism in Planning

Yesterday my friend texted me asking if I wanted to go to breakfast today. I declined and said that I have a Doctor’s appointment at 1. She insisted that the breakfast would end at 11am and I could make it in time. I told her I would let her know. All the obstacles I would have to go through to go meet her for breakfast and then come all the way back to my doctor’s appointment would have been somewhat stressful. I usually take the train into D.C. versus driving and right now there is some major construction on the specific line I take. If I did go, I would have had to leave an hour or more in advance going there as well as coming back. I also would have been rushing to get to my appointment.

This all seems so little right? Maybe so, but many people would have tried to meet the friend for breakfast and barely make the appointment. We often commit to many different things and don’t think about any of the obstacles we may run into along the way. These little situations usually begin to add up and next thing you know, your whole day is full and you’re stressed out.

One thing I have learned since taking on this whole minimalism journey is to simply do one thing at a time. There is nothing wrong with having a full day on your hands as long as you can handle it. Plan it out and try not to give in to peer pressure!