Finding My Personal Style


Many times during college, I had to constantly defend my personal style to some of my fellow classmates. Sometimes it was rather annoying being a fashion major because it was like a fashion show for some people.

I started off my first few weeks dressing in skirts, dresses and tights; sometimes I would wear heels. It soon got old very quickly. I started dressing in mostly black, white or both.

That is when I actually found my uniform (leggings/jeans, tees and jacket/cardigan/kimono.) I got compliments from a few instructors that I was in fact, stylish. Not to some of my classmates who constantly told me to wear color because neutral colors were boring and I dress too “basic.” I wasn’t buying or even interested in the trends for myself. I liked my “basic” style that could easily be dressed up or dressed down. When I go out, I’m sure to wear my more dressy clothing which is almost always black, gray when I’m feeling risky.

I don’t think of my personal style as basic, I think of it as build-able. The older I get, the more polished it becomes and the more confident I am wearing it.