Foodie Friday’s

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Hello again! Welcome back to another edition of Foodie Friday’s! Instead of doing my normal collage of food, I’ll be just posting each picture individually. Here it goes!


Let’s start with drinks! I have been drinking smoothies almost everyday. I cannot get enough of them. This one is from Tropical Smoothie Cafe called the Advocolada. I never used to like smoothies until going to this place. Now I can’t get enough.


These decadent drinks belong to Arlington’s very own ObyLee. This drink is called a wine slushie; mango flavored and extremely refreshing.


It wouldn’t be cool of me to not include my own creations on here, so I must! I once saw a video recipe of this sweet chili chicken and when I went back to recreate it, I couldn’t find the video ANYWHERE. So I went into the kitchen, threw a bunch of seasonings and sugars together making this amazing marinade. I pan-fried some cut up chicken thighs, added the marinade and let simmer for 20 minutes – this is what I got. This is an all time favorite in my family, it’s too bad I don’t make it that often.


Patatas Bravas y Albondigas. Potatoes and Meatballs. I’m seriously a sucker for tapas and sangria. I feel like I don’t need to describe this amazing-ness because the picture is just so pretty. 🙂


Speaking of tapas…theres more. This Mexican Benedict was just great. I think it was the poached egg that did it for me, that and the super fresh pico de gallo on top! Yet another picture that speaks for itself!


Sometimes I miss bread surrounding my burger patty, but sometimes lettuce wrapped burgers are just better all around. Good Stuff Eatery is where I got this deliciousness from. The restaurant has a burger named after Obama that was apparently (not sure how true) ordered by him, which I have had before and man does the president have good taste in burgers. My favorite part about this place is the selection of sauces they have. Mango mayo is the best one *hint hint.*

That is all this Foodie Friday! There is definitely more Foodie Fridays in the future. I hope you all enjoy!



Healing Crystals & Jewelry

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Lately I’ve been obsessed with healing crystals. Maybe not the actual healing of the crystals but just how beautiful they look. I do think the healing aspect is super interesting, but that is not why I’m obsessed. I’m obsessed because like I said they’re beautiful and they also make great jewelry. I know crystal jewelry is not at all new but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying it. I purchased some crystals on Etsy and they are just gorgeous! I have already started making jewelry and I had no idea I would enjoy it so much, let alone be good at it.

Here are some of the crystals that I have purchased.


These are rainbow moonstone crystals. They have a calming and gentle energy that strengthens intuition, compassion, and inner confidence. 


Another rainbow moonstone crystal. This one is double terminated and tumbled. 


This rose quartz crystal is the love stone. It is said to enhance love in any situation. This one is also double terminated and tumbled. 

These crystals are just gorgeous to me and I’m looking forward to making jewelry out of them. I’ll be posting my creations when they’re all done. Wish me luck!


Foodie Friday

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Hey there everyone and welcome back to Foodie Friday’s! Eating at these new and also not so new places has been a lot of fun! I can’t wait for the summer weather to begin so that I can experience even more places as well as get the grill going at home!


I didn’t get the chance to number these so I’ll just state which dish I’m talking about by position.

Top right: These wings are just amazing! That day I took a risk and neglected my gluten free diet which I had to pay for later. These breaded chicken wings topped with mumbo sauce are like I said before, amazing. If this was the only dish I could eat for the rest of my life, I think I would be okay.

Bottom left: Jack Daniels ribs at TGI Friday’s are a go to for me! If you haven’t had them, then I highly recommend them. Go for the full rack because you’ll want to take them home.

Top right: So I always try to make it a point to show food that I’ve made too. Here you have a romaine lettuce chicken salad. I prefer homeade salads because everything can be bought extremely fresh as well as cheap. I topped this salad off with homeade honey mustard as well!

Middle right: If you’ve ever been to Peets coffee & tea and like iced coffee, get the Black Tie. Go for the small because the caffeine with hit you like a ton of bricks. Their teas are also really good too.

Bottom right: If there is one thing that I could always go for, it’s Mexican food. Normally when I’m at a Mexican restaurant, I try not to be super typical and get tacos. These specific tacos are just so good. I’m pretty sure they put crack or something in their corn tortillas because they’re just THAT good!

That’s it for now. Look out for the next Foodie Friday!


Out with the Old in with the New

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Eventually, Spring is going to stick around and it will transition into a nice warm Summer. Until then we are going to be stuck with mood swingy weather that nobody sees coming. I talk about weather on here quite a bit, only because when it comes to style… its all about dressing appropriately.

Slowly, I have been compiling what I want my Spring and Summer capsule wardrobe to look like by purchasing items that I can wear over and over again during the two seasons. I have also replaced some items that have been worn out over time. Spring cleaning is in full effect right about now, even though it doesn’t feel too much like Spring yet.

Below are more items that I have added to my S/S capsule wardrobe.


In my layering  post, I talk about my little obsession with flannels. The blue flannel is the one that I needed to replace, so I went out and purchased the green flannel at H&M. I pretty much live by one item in, one item out to make sure that I never have any unnecessary clothes.


I probably won’t get to wear this bad boy for several weeks. This was actually a spontaneous purchase, which I think is okay every blue moon. This is my first midi dress and I see it being worn on a night out or even casually. Remember. Versatility.


Its kind of funny how my favorite items are always the most simplest items. To me, chambray shirts are the end all be all fashion staple in any wardrobe. They are stylish and practical. I’ve had one of these babies before, but it shrunk in the wash. I have been on the search for a good quality chambray shirt for awhile now. So… yeah I spent a pretty penny on this piece at Banana Republic, but hopefully it’ll last me a few years.

I’m really excited about this upcoming capsule wardrobe, I think it will be my best one yet. This will be my second year of capsule wardrobing and I can’t wait until it all comes together!

Thanks for reading! Check back soon for more posts.