Versatile Staples

Happy Spring everyone! It sure doesn’t feel like spring where I am. Back in December it decided to be summer and now Mother Nature is deciding to be extremely windy and cool. Let’s hope that the weather will act accordingly in the next month or so because I have made some purchases that will be apart of my spring capsule wardrobe.

I’m talking about these pieces now because I find them to be very versatile and that is key when picking items for your wardrobe. If you’re out shopping and find a few gems that go with just about everything and go with your style… BUY THEM! When first starting out with a capsule wardrobe, finding versatile pieces can be a little tricky, but once you get the hang of it you will just know. OK now on to my gems!


The Black Shirtdress

I bought a shirtdress like this a couple of years ago and I NEVER wore it because I didn’t know what to wear with it. So here we are now with a similar shirtdress and I know exactly what to pair with it…EVERYTHING! I’m thinking lace crop top and shorts/skirt. I could even wear a cheap black or white bandage dress from H&M underneath. I think the possibilities are endless with this piece.


The Cropped Hoodie

This is probably my favorite piece out of them all. I am a sucker for loungewear, which is why it is in my capsule. Most will say not to include loungewear, but for me it is essential. I can picture myself wearing this on a cool spring night enjoying a cocktail with my girls or a mild summer night at the movies with my beau.


This is by far the most versatile piece that everyone should have in his or her wardrobe. Tees are easy to dress up and down no matter the color. Do I really need to go into detail about how to wear this? Tees go with pretty much everything!

These are my latest additions to my wardrobe and I am ecstatic about the warm weather to come! I’ll be sure to do some outfit posts when I wear these items! Stay tuned.