So I’ve been away for awhile I know. I promise I haven’t neglected my blog, I have been working hard on it actually. Sometimes there is such a thing as too many ideas whether they’re good or bad. I wanted to write and post pictures of so many things all at once that I really got in my own way. So I had to ask and remind myself why I have this blog in the first place. I also had to figure out what else I would want to post that didn’t clutter my blog too much. For those who haven’t visited before, I am fashion graduate and a semi minimalist. I’m big on positivity and living a simplistic lifestyle. Oh, and I have a YouTube channel. For those who have visited before I know you’re tired of reading that and it’ll probably be the last time!

With all of that being said, I have decided to post about something different than what I have originally been posting about. There will definitely be more fashion and style! Also I am a huge foodie. I am that person who takes pictures of their food before even touching it. Food is a beautiful thing. And of course, I will still be talking about minimalism and simplicity because that is a big part of my life now. So basically there will be more pictures and less of me rambling…okay maybe a little rambling.

So things on here will be slightly different but definitely more interesting. I am definitely excited and am looking forward to blogging again!