Feeling Inspired

Sometimes I don’t know what to talk about on my blog and my channel. I often get burst of inspiration when writing on here and then it will die out before I’ve gotten halfway through with a post. I get really caught up in whether I’m ranting or just writing a bunch of nonsense which causes the inspiration to go away.

I also get caught up in whether or not people will read or even care about what I write. I mean who wants to put his or herself out there and…nothing? Part of this is that I shouldn’t write JUST for whoever reads but also myself. I wouldn’t post at all if writing as well as filming didn’t make me even a little happy.

Even writing this post I’m inspired about letting others know that they’re not alone. So, I think it’s important that when you’re feeling inspired to run with it! If you rant in your post, that’s okay because you can always edit later. Those posts that may not get as much attention, maybe those were just for yourself and that is okay!