Layering with a Capsule Wardrobe

So, I told you all that I really love layers right? Right. I had to come back and share the way I layer my clothes with a capsule wardrobe in this weird funky weather that the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area is having. Let me just jump right into it then!

This day it was about 58 degrees, almost spring to me considering I got acclimated to the 20 and below weather.

IMG_0139                                 IMG_0138

Who doesn’t love a flannel? One of my friends and I used to wear flannels every single Friday, because FLANNEL FRIDAYS! I usually wear all black on most days, but sometimes that can get a little boring so I try to spice it up a bit with a flannel. I should probably retire this specific flannel because it has started to fade, but that just goes to show you how much I wear it. The top layer looks like two layers, but its actually a jacket thats lined with fleece and faux leather as the shell.

This day it was a rainy 63 and there I go again with another flannel as well as another all black 1st layer. Doesn’t that military jacket look familiar too?

IMG_0144                IMG_0145

I wanted to add a little femininity to this outfit by wearing the ombre scarf which can be counted as another layer too! I’m sure by now you all are starting to see a pattern with my style – all black, leggings, boots, and socks. Basically, layering works best (personally) if you have a uniformed base. This is also a good way to figure out what your personal style is.

The last but not least day it was actually colder but the sun decided to make an appearance making it feel warmish. It was one of those days that fooled you because it was sunny but when you stepped outside, the wind was blowing.

IMG_0161                 IMG_0162

This is my favorite out of all the outfits, probably because this is one of my favorite coats. Oh hey…there goes that gray cardigan again. Obviously, you guys wouldn’t know this but I have on two pairs of leggings! The first pair is a thin regular pair; the second pair is a fleece lined legging. I planned on staying out after the sun set, so the coldness would probably get me. BTW the shirt I’m wearing is navy blue NOT black; I know how to change it up sometimes! The reason I love this coat is because it ties everything together, literally and figuratively.

So, this is how I layer with a capsule wardrobe through the funky winter weather. How do you layer your clothes into cute stylish outfits?