60 Degree Winter

What is a girl supposed to do when it is the middle of winter and the high for today is 60 degrees? I live in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area and just last week there was about thirty inches of snow on the ground. Most would be pretty happy that today is a high of 60 degrees, but for me I actually really love winter! There’s something about the giant sweaters, the gloves, and the chunky knit scarves. Oh and I cannot forget about the earmuffs; thank you Chanel #3 (Scream Queens reference for those who may be confused) for inspiring me to love earmuffs once again!

So, whats a winter loving girl supposed to do when not only today, but half of the week its supposed to be 60 degrees?? I want to share with you all that getting dressed doesn’t have to be this hour long task no matter what the weather is like. Also, we’ve all had days where we get dressed and immediately regret our decision as soon as we get to where we’re going and we are just stuck like Chuck.

Sooo…how do I dress for such strange weather with a capsule wardrobe?

Well I could just wear a nice fall outfit and call it a day but the second the sun even thinks to set, its back down to 30 degrees again. But I’ll keep that fall outfit out and see if I can work with it.IMG_0120

Since I do have a capsule wardrobe I’m only working with so many pieces, but this is where the capsule really comes in handy because I can layer. That was a no brainer right?  I love to layer but there are times that it can just look weird and I do NOT want that.

Here I have a simple white tee, some distressed jeans, and flat black booties.

I would normally add a cardigan no matter what because I do happen to get cold very easily. This time I added a cardigan for layering purposes and it happened to look pretty good with the jeans and tee. Now for the final layer! IMG_0121

I just add my military jacket and from there I can add scarf or even some earmuffs.


Thats three layers on top!

If you’re someone who likes to layer on bottom add some stockings underneath the distressed jeans or some chunky socks.

Now this is just ONE of my many “layering posts” Like i said before, I love to layer! Look out for more posts on layering your capsule wardrobe later this week!