Feeling Inspired


Sometimes I don’t know what to talk about on my blog and my channel. I often get burst of inspiration when writing on here and then it will die out before I’ve gotten halfway through with a post. I get really caught up in whether I’m ranting or just writing a bunch of nonsense which causes the inspiration to go away.

I also get caught up in whether or not people will read or even care about what I write. I mean who wants to put his or herself out there and…nothing? Part of this is that I shouldn’t write JUST for whoever reads but also myself. I wouldn’t post at all if writing as well as filming didn’t make me even a little happy.

Even writing this post I’m inspired about letting others know that they’re not alone. So, I think it’s important that when you’re feeling inspired to run with it! If you rant in your post, that’s okay because you can always edit later. Those posts that may not get as much attention, maybe those were just for yourself and that is okay!



The Real Quest to Success: The Challenges


We often face many challenges when on the long road to success. It doesn’t matter what your goals are, it’s inevitable that you will run into some roadblocks along the way. If you read my blog regularly, you know that I have a YouTube channel. If you didn’t know that check it out here. It’s a channel about simply stylish living, the same as this blog.

The challenges that I face with YouTube is mainly growing my channel. I feel that I have great content, but I can’t seem to gain more subscribers. No matter how much I promote my videos, I cannot get any more subscribers as well as views. It has gotten extremely frustrating, but I am still pushing. I’d be lying if I said views and subscribers didn’t matter to me because it does. I want my channel to grow and the only way for it to is to have both of those things. Also, on some videos I can break 100+ views and on some I can’t even break 15. YouTube is pretty hit or miss when it comes to getting views.

The biggest challenge that I face is that I always compare myself to other YouTubers and I already know that is a no-no. It is difficult though, because someone could have 100 subscribers and upload the same content that I upload and by the end of the week they have 500 subscribers. Sometimes you just want to rip you hair out…figuratively speaking.

I really try to focus on my own content because at the end of the day we’re all on the same platform and have different goals. I always try to keep that in mind and try to keep plugging along. One day I will have a good amount of subscribers as well as views. Maybe I’ll even get to collab with a fellow YouTuber, which is actually one of my goals! All I can do is keep going and keep my head up!


Don’t forget to check out my channel here!


Layering with a Capsule Wardrobe

Fashion, style

So, I told you all that I really love layers right? Right. I had to come back and share the way I layer my clothes with a capsule wardrobe in this weird funky weather that the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area is having. Let me just jump right into it then!

This day it was about 58 degrees, almost spring to me considering I got acclimated to the 20 and below weather.

IMG_0139                                 IMG_0138

Who doesn’t love a flannel? One of my friends and I used to wear flannels every single Friday, because FLANNEL FRIDAYS! I usually wear all black on most days, but sometimes that can get a little boring so I try to spice it up a bit with a flannel. I should probably retire this specific flannel because it has started to fade, but that just goes to show you how much I wear it. The top layer looks like two layers, but its actually a jacket thats lined with fleece and faux leather as the shell.

This day it was a rainy 63 and there I go again with another flannel as well as another all black 1st layer. Doesn’t that military jacket look familiar too?

IMG_0144                IMG_0145

I wanted to add a little femininity to this outfit by wearing the ombre scarf which can be counted as another layer too! I’m sure by now you all are starting to see a pattern with my style – all black, leggings, boots, and socks. Basically, layering works best (personally) if you have a uniformed base. This is also a good way to figure out what your personal style is.

The last but not least day it was actually colder but the sun decided to make an appearance making it feel warmish. It was one of those days that fooled you because it was sunny but when you stepped outside, the wind was blowing.

IMG_0161                 IMG_0162

This is my favorite out of all the outfits, probably because this is one of my favorite coats. Oh hey…there goes that gray cardigan again. Obviously, you guys wouldn’t know this but I have on two pairs of leggings! The first pair is a thin regular pair; the second pair is a fleece lined legging. I planned on staying out after the sun set, so the coldness would probably get me. BTW the shirt I’m wearing is navy blue NOT black; I know how to change it up sometimes! The reason I love this coat is because it ties everything together, literally and figuratively.

So, this is how I layer with a capsule wardrobe through the funky winter weather. How do you layer your clothes into cute stylish outfits?



60 Degree Winter

Lifestyle, Minimalism

What is a girl supposed to do when it is the middle of winter and the high for today is 60 degrees? I live in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area and just last week there was about thirty inches of snow on the ground. Most would be pretty happy that today is a high of 60 degrees, but for me I actually really love winter! There’s something about the giant sweaters, the gloves, and the chunky knit scarves. Oh and I cannot forget about the earmuffs; thank you Chanel #3 (Scream Queens reference for those who may be confused) for inspiring me to love earmuffs once again!

So, whats a winter loving girl supposed to do when not only today, but half of the week its supposed to be 60 degrees?? I want to share with you all that getting dressed doesn’t have to be this hour long task no matter what the weather is like. Also, we’ve all had days where we get dressed and immediately regret our decision as soon as we get to where we’re going and we are just stuck like Chuck.

Sooo…how do I dress for such strange weather with a capsule wardrobe?

Well I could just wear a nice fall outfit and call it a day but the second the sun even thinks to set, its back down to 30 degrees again. But I’ll keep that fall outfit out and see if I can work with it.IMG_0120

Since I do have a capsule wardrobe I’m only working with so many pieces, but this is where the capsule really comes in handy because I can layer. That was a no brainer right?  I love to layer but there are times that it can just look weird and I do NOT want that.

Here I have a simple white tee, some distressed jeans, and flat black booties.

I would normally add a cardigan no matter what because I do happen to get cold very easily. This time I added a cardigan for layering purposes and it happened to look pretty good with the jeans and tee. Now for the final layer! IMG_0121

I just add my military jacket and from there I can add scarf or even some earmuffs.


Thats three layers on top!

If you’re someone who likes to layer on bottom add some stockings underneath the distressed jeans or some chunky socks.

Now this is just ONE of my many “layering posts” Like i said before, I love to layer! Look out for more posts on layering your capsule wardrobe later this week!