The Real Quest to Success

If you have visited my blog before, you already know that I have this obsession with being intensely happy and living simply. I guess I should mention that, like anyone I want to be successful as well. Right now, I have this blog and a YouTube channel that are not at all close to a success. There are many books, courses, and tools that teach one how to be successful. I started to notice after visiting so many blogs that once a person makes it, they then make money off of other people wanting to be successful. It sounds kind of bad when I word it like that, but that is how businesses work after all. If I was already a successful blogger I would probably sell a tool to people so that they can make it too…who wouldn’t??? What I’m really trying to say here is that every business owner has a journey that they take in order to just make even a little bit of money. But why is it always when they have already made it do they choose to let you in on their ideas and even their journey? Maybe I’m the only one that is curious about the actual quest to success, but for some reason I highly doubt that.

I have decided to post about my quest and maybe, just maybe some of you will be interested. So, basically I’ll be writing a how to guide on how to be successful when you’re not successful yet. 

Here are just a few of my goals that I have set in order to be a successful Blogger and YouTuber

  1. Gain a loyal following on social media (FB, Twitter, Youtube, WordPress)
  2. Inform followers/subscribers about simple living, capsule wardrobes, minimalism, etc.
  3. Sell concept(s) or product(s) to loyal following

Just these small goals are a struggle for me, however that is a part of making it now is it not?!  Every business is about trial and error, but usually all we see is the trial, the success, and then maybe some stories about how the business actually failed the first few times. Any who, I hope many of you are interested in this series that I will be doing on here. Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Real Quest to Success