Becoming more minimal

This summer I started this journey into becoming more minimal. I began getting rid of all of the clothing that I did not wear or fit my personal style. This process ended up turning into a capsule wardrobe, which my definition is a set number of versatile items in your closet that you can mix and match. Switching over to a capsule wardrobe has made getting dressed sooooo much easier! Having a capsule has allowed me to save money by not buying clothes every time I step foot into a mall. Once Fall started, I filled in more missing pieces by buying clothes that would keep me warm. This is ideal because I didn’t buy a whole entire wardrobe that is completely trend based; instead I purchased more simple fashion basics that can be accessorized or layered!  It’s so easy and I actually don’t care that I wore the same pants four or five times in the same month because washing machine yo!

After getting the hang of a capsule wardrobe, then began the minimal domino effect into other aspects of my life. I purged a ton of make up I don’t wear. I mean who really needs 4 different foundations and 5 blush brushes? Hell, I don’t even wear blush so I got rid of all of them! I also got rid of hair products I didn’t use. I’ve been buying the same leave in conditioner for 4 years, so all those other leave ins that I bought in hopes of trying something new…in the trash.

Getting rid of all this excess has made life a little more simple for me. Getting dressed and doing your hair and makeup shouldn’t be this long drawn out and difficult process. Being more minimal is not for everyone but for me it helps me to think more clearly. Also, being minimal doesn’t apply to all aspects of life either. If you’re into makeup, you’re most likely going to have a ton of it and thats fine. For me, I am actually into fashion and style but I’m interested in making my own personal style be simple yet make a statement. When I realized the things I can do with just a basic white tee or a little black dress my style actually evolved. Simplicity does not have to be boring!

I am in no way shape or form a minimalist (yet?) but I am attempting to at least be more minimal. I am definitely going to keep at it and see where it takes me.